This blog post will explain the best construction-related design option that will help homeowners make the most out of a small bathroom. Some design options will include installing a corner sink or floating sink to increase the amount of floor space for storage.

We will also talk about adding built-in storage where possible and opting for a sliding door on your shower. The overall aim is to show you how a bathroom can be transformed, even in the smallest spaces, with help from JMV!

Save space with a sink

You can save space in your bathroom by adding a corner sink, which is especially useful when you want to free up floor space and make room for other items in your bathroom. On the other hand, a floating sink would also save space and can make your bathroom feel bigger.

Built-in storage

Sink vanities can add some storage and space to your small bathroom. Not only will a sink vanity save space, but it will also provide you with storage for your bathroom essentials.


On the topic of saving space with storage, floating shelving above toilets or in nooks will save space in your bathroom. Open shelves are also a great way to bring a sense of d├ęcor into your bathroom and can open up your space significantly. You can put your towels, soap or toilet paper on your shelves to save space.

Recessed walls will also add some storage into your bathroom and create space that you previously did not have.


We all know that mirrors can make a room feel bigger, so it makes sense that you can create the illusion of more space in your small bathroom with one. Mirrors can also reflect the light in the room, which can open up your space and make it feel bigger.

Colour choice

The colours you pick for your bathroom are very important. Darker colours can make the room feel small and cramped, while light and natural colours can open the room up and make it feel bigger. We recommend using bright, light and natural tones to open up your space.

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